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By creating unwonted teams and combining unusual technologies, we are capable of carrying out a project from the very beginning to the end, without a need of contacting a subcontractor. Qualified specialists from various fields are going to take care of everything so that You can focus on what is really important.

We are not yet another big corporation, where You are going to be buried in paperwork- we want to make this cooperation as effective and organic as possible. If You wish to learn more, let us know…! We will match the best team for You so that You can begin Your journey with the Suppliance!

The name „Suppliance“ is a combination of „supply“ und „alliance“. The people we talk to are drawn from purchasing, specialist and IT departments.The know-how for these activities is provided by a unique community. We are not only in Poland, we are supporting each other in Suppliance in:
Switzerland: www.suppliance.ch
Austria: www.suppliance.at
Germany: www.suppliance.de

about us
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What we provide

Have You ever heard of the saying better together? We are a group of small IT companies that can do more together. Partnership and mutual support are Our core values. Thanks to the customised technology combinations, we can guarantee a comprehensive service for almost anyone, even for the most demanding client.

We believe that trust is the most important- this is why, in Suppliance, You will not find anyone who is incompetent. Every partner has joined the Suppliance due to its performance and a recommendation of already existing partner. Communication is the key to everything and we do not want You to be worried about the time-consuming information flow. Therefore, Our internal communicator allows You to be in touch with the other partners at all times.


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